Finance Automation Software: Profitably provides powerful financial analytics to growing businesses.
Connect securely to business applications like Intuit’s QuickBooks to enable data to drive decision-making.

Profitably Features
CFOs, bookkeepers, and business owners alike use Profitably to understand customer profitability, manage cash flow, and plan for future growth…all in real time.

Access QuickBooks Securely
As Intuit partners, we can securely access your QuickBooks data, whether it is local or hosted.

  • Get started in minutes.
  • Leave your QuickBooks file where it is!
  • No need to provide passwords for your bank accounts.
  • Intuit-approved security means your data is safe.

Get a handle on your Cash
Lock in on cash on hand and your operational runway to take your company’s pulse.

  • Understand your business’s current cash position
  • Dig into historical cash inflows and outflows
  • Automatically maintain a 13-week cash flow forecast
  • Explore the impact of various solutions to cash flow problems

Understand Customer Profitability
View all your customers in one place to see which are performing poorly and why. Then identify the fastest route to improvement.

  • Segment your customer base along profitability and sales volume
  • Identify key patterns among your best performing customers
  • Track key customer metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value
  • View trends over time as your profitability improves
  • Explore the impact of various solutions to profitability problems

A “Smarter” Profit and Loss
Transform your old-style P&L Statement into a power tool for managing your business.

  • Use Profitably’s proprietary technology to redraw your P&L in a way that supports decision-making
  • Zoom out for a view across your business
  • View a Smart P&L for each of your customers
  • View a Smart P&L for each of your employees

Employee Analytics
Profitably breaks down your employee costs and time to give you a view into how their time relates to your customers and your bottom line.

  • Quickly clean up payroll costs by employee
  • Gain clear visibility into what your team is working on what that costs the company
  • Manage employees and outside contractors alongside to determine the true cost of operational activities

Category Profiles
Dig into the details of your spending patterns quickly and intuitively right within other reports.

  • Drill into key revenue and cost categories
  • Identify trends over time
  • Quickly find your key vendors and customers in each

CFOs, bookkeepers, and business owners alike use Profitably to do in minutes what used to take days in Excel. Visit today for a free diagnostic on the health of your business and to benchmark how you compare to your peer group. Download free Financial models, spark up a conversation with other Finance professionals, and sign up for a free 30-day trial… Because it’s time to own the numbers.