Your Desktop version of QuickBooks on the cloud,
making it accessible 24/7, from anywhere.
H3O Cloud
Your entire desktop or laptop computer on the cloud, private and safe,
access your system from any device.
Aló Cloud
We provide a virtual telephone system with ease
and peace of mind; Without expensive hardware and maintenance.
Access your files, contacts, calendar and pictures;
share with anyone from anywhere in the world.
Simple Cloud
Future proof your legacy application with a cloud solution that can create flexibility and future expansion, that was previously not possible.
Email & Web Hosting
Email and Web Hosting for all - Unity at its finest.

Now Featuring

Aló Cloud

(No Hardware Required, Business Calls are routed to Cellular Phones)
Unlimited Local and Long Distance Minutes
24/7 Mobility
Auto Attendant Receptionist

Email & Web Hosting

Two of the most mission-critical communication tools
in the world are now joining forces
through our exclusive
bundle pricing options

Cloud Driven – Powered Solutions for Your Business


Super powerful & easy to use


With today’s modern technology and businesses booming,  we find ourselves more and more on the “go”. You and/or your business need to manage your daily activities and tasks while on the “go” and a stationary machine is no longer a reasonable option. Digisoft Cloud offers 4 profound user-friendly “cloud solutions”, that will best fit your need while on the “go” and as always, safe and secure without missing a beat.

  • 99.999% Uptime
  • 24×7 Live US Based Support
  • Enhanced Business Continuity
  • Your data is safe
  • Your data is secure
  • QuickBooks BYOL
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business
  • MS Office 365 Business Premium
  • and many more

Cloud-Powered Results for You or Your Business

What makes Digisoft Cloud the best solution for you

Our highest value in today’s cloud market is how we continue to improve the way you manage and multitask your daily  task activities (personal or business related) and how you interact and share with others that need to be involved.

  • Your data is secure
  • QuickBooks BYOL
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Fast & friendly support
  • 100% Mobile tested
  • Regular updates

Reducing cost and helping you take charge, by increasing system performance.

Balancing an older infrastructure with new technology is an unusual technique that we are very much into.

Our trained, in-house Cloud Specialists are here to help. Support and reliability; Cloud experts you can count on.


Digisoft Cloud

A reliable integrated cloud suite that allows you to freely manage and operate your business though the cloud. From anywhere at any time.