A centralized secure home for all your data


ownCloud keeps your files secure and private – you decide where you host your data.

Cost Effective

Digisoft understands the power of business and relationships. Therefore, we always look out for our client’s best interest. Cost matters, why should this cloud be any different?


ownCloud is extensible with new functionality to provide all you need to live your digital life.

Our Plans

ownCloud Business

Unlimited Users
500 GB Storage
$49.99 per month

ownCloud Premium

Unlimited Users
1 TB Storage
$99.99 per month

ownCloud Business Plus

Unlimited Users
2 TB Storage
$159.99 per month

What can ownCloud do?

The speed of your business and personal life is greatly based on the
speed which you can access and modify information. With ownCloud, you have access 24/7 to all your files,
contacts, calendars and pictures from any device, anywhere.

Share with anyone on your terms

Send password protected public links so others can upload files to you; get notified on your phone when you get a share from your own or another ownCloud server. Don’t be alone! With ownCloud, you easily share and collaborate with whomever you want.

Mobile and desktop syncing

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux clients are available for ownCloud.

Calendars and contacts

ownCloud features Calendar and Contacts apps to store, sync and share what you do and who you know.

Work with your documents

Edit rich text documents with others in real time, read PDF’s, see pictures, watch videos and more.


Sync across multiple devices and have access to all your contacts, calendar, photo galleries, and files from any device