Contractor Software designed to aide speciality trade contractors succeed.

Be more organized, efficient and profitable in the future with AccuLynx.
AccuLynx has combined years of construction knowledge, diverse programming techniques, usability strategists, graphic artists and marketing experts to create a simple, yet tremendously powerful tool. AccuLynx is truly one of a kind, and will help you take control of your business like never before.
AccuLynx Features
100% Cloud Based
No disks or downloads ever again. Whether you are on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC get your company data in real time.

Real Time Connectivity
AccuLynx connects all of your employees via the cloud, so when data is entered, team members can respond to it within minutes. No more phone calls to check on drop dates or check material specs. It’s all in front of you as the job progresses! Plus, keep the customer up to speed during the construction process.
Profit Analysis
Viewing your estimated margin has never been so easy. The AccuLynx estimating module offers a profit summary based on current material costs and labor rates to give an accurate profit forecast. Tighten up your profits through our one of a kind powerful profit analysis tool.
Logistics (Time & Fuel)
AccuLynx’s integration with Google maps will save you time and money. Assign sales reps via location proximity to previous jobs or contacts and help keep them in the field and not wasting time. With fuel costs always on the rise, the ability to focus your time selling, rather than commuting, is a crucial component to success.
Savings on Supplies
Printing and faxing P.O.’s are things of the past. The print to fax function will save you paper, time, and ink. Mistakes made on balance sheets and P.O.’s can be fixed through an edit function rather than recreating new paper documents