Influential Partnerships

Offer your clients long-term and reliable cloud solutions with Digisoft Cloud’s Partner Program

Our Partnership Commitment

Digisoft Cloud is proud to have collaborated with a number of leaders from a variety of industries. Alongside hundreds of local business relationships, we are now partnering on a regional scale.

Together with our partners, we aim to provide cloud and IT solutions to help elevate business processes, operations and business growth to small and medium size businesses.

We are grateful that our partners believe in Digisoft Cloud’s mission and approach and continue to engage us and other leaders around the nation.

Cloud Driven – Tap into Exponential Growth

Grow your business with us immediately
  • Generous commissions
  • Easy to implement cloud services
  • Stable and strong company with a solid IT Infrastructure
  • Sales tools & marketing materials as needed
  • Training & support to help mentor and grow your business

Choose the Partner Program That’s Right for You

You can choose from 3 different programs at no cost to you! White label, Co-branded, or Consultant/Advisor.

Free sign-up, no long-term commitments


= Your Brand

  • Sell under your brand only
  • Set your own pricing and margins
  • Bill your clients
  • Support your clients and we support your help desk tickets


= Your Brand + Digisoft Cloud

  • Sell under your brand and ours
  • We set pricing and margins
  • We bill your clients
  • We support your clients and we support your help desk tickets


= Digisoft Cloud

  • Sell our brand
  • We set pricing and earn up to 200%  commissions
  • We bill our clients
  • We support our clients and help desk tickets

Industries We Serve

We provide a true value proposition to any size of business or industry. We have strong business relationships nation wide and we continue to target clients that range from healthcare, insurances, restaurants, finance to the general business community. These are just a few industries in our current book of business:



Professional Services

Health Care



We’re looking to engage with people who have clients, colleagues, and connections who could benefit from simplifying and accelerating their current IT Infrastructure and who are ready to connect those people with Digisoft Cloud. If you’re ready to get started, fill out
the partnership application form below, and we’ll be in touch.


Partner Application

We are ONLY looking for serious entrepreneurs and self-dependent individuals who desire a BIG career change or want to add new services to existing services that are currently being offered by your team. Need more information? 972-737-8342