About Digisoft Cloud

We are NOT just another “cloud” company

Why Digisoft Cloud?

Your technology should work for you. It’s our job to curb your technological risks so you can focus on what you do best. Our team understands that downtime equals lost revenue and efficient connectivity maintains your personal life in order and keeps your business alive.

Service is important to us, just ask one of our clients why they continue to choose Digisoft, and you’ll hear that it’s no secret; we understand how to keep their business connected to today’s modern technology.

What clients say

My company has been a client of Digisoft Cloud for over 4 years and they have been instrumental in helping us with all our cloud services; VoIP, ownCloud, and simple cloud.

Before Digisoft Cloud our phones and IT infrastructure were in need of help! We were paying too much for phones and we all worked on various versions of destop and laptop machines and had basic security. Digisoft Cloud changed this for the better!

They have always been just a phone call or email away to provide us the answers we need to our problems and, if the request needed more hands-on assistance, then they were quick to remote into our environment to troubleshoot the issue.

Their level of expertise, professionalism and availability is unmatched and we are very grateful for our trusted relationship with Digisoft Cloud.

Kevin Hendricks
Farmers Insurance Agent


To say I’ve been pleased with both Digisoft Cloud services and customer service is the proverbial understatement. What makes Digisoft Cloud stand out is their over-the-top commitment to their clients. Almost everyone talks about bringing in projects “under budget and on time”, in the case of Digisoft Cloud, they can truthfully say they bring in projects w-a-y under both! My account manager at Digisoft Cloud, does it with a contagious smile and good humor.

I’ve spoken with him at midnight and at 7am. Knowledgeable and cheerful, he had a plan for every challenge. So…Does Digisoft Cloud knows what they are doing? Absolutely! Does this company and its CEO care about entreprenuers and organizations using their services? Again, absolutely!

I am thrilled to be one of their numerous (and devoted) clients.

Lin O’Neill
Owner, President
Futures Consulting


My company has been in a client-vendor relationship for the past 4 years with Digisoft Cloud and they have been instrumental in helping us with all of our IT and cloud support needs. They took us on as a client when we were a scrappy, bootstrapped startup with no standard operating IT procedures. We all worked on various versions of PC and Apple desktop and laptop machines, and had a very basic firewall and LAN infrastructure. Most recently, Digisoft helped us evolve (post-acquisition by a publicly traded NYSE company) into a company that had to implement SOX compliance policies, secure LAN/WAN, robust firewall/network security measures, back-up and cloud-based storage solutions among a host of other items.

Digisoft has always been just a phone call/text/email away to provide us the answers we needed to our problems and, if the request needed more hands-on assistance, then they were quick with coming to our office to troubleshoot the issue. The Service Level Agreement has helped us get through some of our toughest and darkest hours working in a digital world. Their level of experience, professionalism, flexibility and availability is unparalleled and we are very grateful for our trusted relationship with Digisoft.

Sam Khavari | Co-Founder & Senior VP, Operations EPIQ Energy, LLC

We are proud to work with


What you need, where you need it has been our most recent motto. Proven and tested cloud solutions for your most valuable information means peace of mind. Jump on the cloud and we promise to secure your emails, applications, and data 24/7. Productivity on your terms, we help you conduct your business and personal life like no other. Yes, it’s true! We offer world-class solutions that are sometimes even tailored to your specific needs.

Why we are different

Digisoft Cloud will help you get the most out of our cloud solutions and your current IT infrastructure. We make every second count. Our collective cloud expertise and experiences have been carefully channeled to ensure you have all the tools, cloud solutions and the right resources at your fingertips.

Not just another “cloud” company

Our number one goal since 2005 has always been to reinvent the way we use technology with new solutions to encompass its endless possibilities. Our company was built on entrepreneur values. We pride ourselves of owning our own infrastructure; without having to rely on a middleman, giving us the flexibility to support all industries, regardless if you are a start-up or corporate enterprise.


Communication is the most intimate transaction in the client/business relationship. We help you measure and improve the quality of each transaction by leveraging the newest in telecommunication technologies. Whether it’s VoIP, web analytics, cloud solutions, or custom applications we help you make every decision count. We continue to get turned on by new innovative cloud solutions and we implement ONLY what’s going to drive your business. When you compare the real costs, Digisoft gives you more for your time and money; we think you are worth it.