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Your desktop version of QuickBooks on the cloud

CloudBOX Business Essentials

Improve workflow and collaboration with your team and get anywhere, anytime access to your CloudBOX files and data.
$25,00* per user per month

CloudBOX Business

Core foundation to help manage and run your business; enjoy the features of the Business Essentials bundle with the addition of Office 365 Business.
$27,00* per user per month

CloudBOX Business Premium

Everything for your business needs and much more; Premium Package bundle features plus Office 365 Business Premium.
$29,00* per user per month

Our Plans

99.999% Uptime

At Digisoft Cloud, we understand that moving to a cloud solution is a very big decision and one not to be taken lightly; therefore picking a credible supplier you can trust is crucial to your business; you can be sure that you will only receive the up most honesty and reliability from Digisoft Cloud.

Enhanced Business

We continue to change the structure of IT Infrastructures. The most obvious and impactful shift for our clients; increase system efficiencies, capacity utilization, and flexibility (to scale up or down). There are more fundamental economic and financial principles that play to the contribution and overall business stability. Stability you will trust and be proud of.

Your data is secure

Guarding our users’ privacy is something we do not take lightly here at Digisoft Cloud. We work extremely hard to protect all your information whether private or not, from unauthorized users and outside access. We have designed strong protocols and controls to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal and company information.


Do you currently have an existing Add-On(s) you would like to incorporate with your CloudBOX? Let us help you! Just call 844 DGS-TECH (347-8324).

What can CloudBOX do? It’s your QuickBooks on the go, without limiting your existing QuickBooks software data.

Access the full version of your QuickBooks software and make updates remotely from anywhere in the world.
Digisoft Cloud took QuickBooks and QuickBooks online to a whole new level.

Include Your Team

As a cloud-based product. CloudBOX allows you to share access to your QuickBooks with anyone in your team.

Always On

With CloudBOX your QuickBooks isn’t tied to your system, allowing you access to your important financial data even when your systems are down.

QuickBooks 24/7, Everywhere

Gone are the days of anxiously waiting for your accountant to get to the office or you having to get to work/home to review your finances.

Access from ANY Device

Access your “CloudBOX” cloud desktop financial solution from any computer, smartphone or tablet; both Mac and/or Android Devices.


Take your CloudBOX for QuickBooks financial cloud on the go.