Simple, secure, mobile payments for businesses

Are you spending too much time paying your bills? Are you tired of printing and signing checks? Do you enter information into your accounting system as well as multiple bill payment systems? MineralTree can help.
MineralTree is an elegant, cloud-based payment solution that integrates with the Right Networks Hosted Desktop, with your accounting system, as well as with your bank. MineralTree brings a new, simple approach to organizing, reviewing and paying bills that allows you to focus your time and efforts on what matters most – growing your business!

MineralTree Features

Elegance and Simplicity
Users have access to complete payment histories and multiple payment methods via web, tablet or mobile device. MineralTree turns one of the most laborious parts of running any business into a smooth, many even say enjoyable process.

Guaranteed Fraud Protection
MineralTree is specifically designed to protect businesses from malware, fraud, identity theft and other online threats. In fact, MineralTree guarantees its protection against online fraud.

Significant Time Savings
Unique document management features and seamless accounting system integration eliminate the time and hassle of unnecessary paperwork and duplicate data-entry.