Document management with easy QuickBooks integration.

At eFileCabinet, we never stop looking for ways to make your office more efficient.

Creating vendor and customer drawers inside eFileCabinet only takes seconds with our QuickBooks integration. You will be able to link customers, vendors, invoices, bills and more between our electronic document management software and QuickBooks. With the click of a button, all profile/meta data and supporting documents associated with a transaction in QuickBooks can be stored in eFileCabinet.

Finding effective solutions for managing business data is one of biggest obstacle businesses encounter in reducing costs, improving service and increasing productivity. Companies around the world have realized that manual and paper-based processes for managing mission critical documents and files are inefficient and expensive.
eFileCabinet offers a suite of Electronic Content Management (ECM) products and services that help businesses and individuals work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively. More than 22,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet solutions to store, share and protect their valuable and confidential business data assets.

eFileCabinet for Accounting

Electronic document management is a fundamental component of the accounting and auditing practices of today. Customers require rapid response service and access to information. Consequently, the physical storage and retrieval of documents becomes time consuming and problematic particularly as practices grow and the volume of documents increases. eFileCabinet is the trusted solution for thousands of accountants nationwide.

Document Storage and Management

Accounting firms are legally required to store and manage substantial amounts of data. From customer correspondence and contracts, to forms and statements, storage space is a premium and immediate access to business critical data is imperative. eFileCabinet for Accounting provides a simple to use, cost effective system to streamline your document storage and management challenges.

Regulatory Compliance

Development of compliance strategies to meet the requirements of IRS Rev Proc 97-22, eSign Act, Department of Labor 29CFR-2520 and other regulations can be complex and demanding. eFileCabinet allows documents created during tax preparation, auditing and administrative tasks to be stored with the appropriate security controls and audit trails. Documents that are effectively categorized and readily available will ease your compliance burdens and ensure business continuity.


Accounting processes are changing. As a result, the need to employ high level document security becomes crucial in order to protect client confidentiality and maintain legislative compliance. eFileCabinet for Accountants features a progressive security infrastructure that safeguards business data with role based security, administrator controlled permissions and advanced file encryption.