Unprecedented data entry automation solution.

ScanWriter® offers an unprecedented Data Entry Automation solution that enters 100’s of transactions into QuickBooks or Excel from your bank and credit card statements, bills, sales orders, and more!

ScanWriter QuickBooks Edition, an Intuit Gold Certified solution, automates QB data entry, improves accuracy, and offers more than 90% in time savings. ScanWriter Excel Edition gives non-QuickBooks users the flexibility to automatically collect, organize and import data into any tax, accounting, and other software that supports Excel import, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, CYMA, Oracle, SAP, …etc. In addition to PDF, Excel and QuickBooks formats, ScanWriter also supports: QIF, OFX, CSV, JPG, and TIF.

ScanWriter supports over 300 financial institutions, thousands of invoice and purchase orders, and over 30 QuickBooks transaction types including but not limited to: Bills, Checks, Credit Card Charges/Credits, etc. This solution automatically enters Vendor/Customer Name, Account Coding, Date, Memo notes with increasing efficiency by 90%.

You will not have to worry about hiring new staff or compromising the integrity of your financial records ever again. Your data entry can be kept locally at your office while minimizing the cost of hiring, managing and training additional employees.

ScanWriter Features

  • Quickly and efficiently reads your financial documents
  • It instantly cuts hourly labor by 90%
  • Scan unlimited documents at your discretion
  • In-house security and privacy amongst financial documentation so that you never have to worry about your private documents leaving the premises or getting into the wrong hands
  • Fewer bookkeepers are needed to maintain and review company files
  • Reduces the need for multiple checkpoints to account for human error
  • Data integrity – can review and check entries before QuickBooks import to verify the validity and integrity of data
  • Takes minutes to read and review transactions before importing into QuickBooks.