Online services for sales commission processing and quoting for small to mid-size organizations.

Nirvaha makes reconciliation a breeze, and sends reports to salespeople, sales managers, and senior management to ensure accuracy.

Just as ADP® processes payroll, Nirvaha offers an easy-to-use online service that brings your sales data in from QuickBooks, Excel, or XML files and calculates commissions based on each salesperson’s specific plan.
Using Nirvaha’s web-based service, companies can easily integrate with popular business applications like QuickBooks® and®. An advantage of Nirvaha’s service is that customers can easily integrate their complex commission plans without having to change or adapt their internal processes. Based in Bellevue, Washington, Nirvaha was founded by former Microsoft executives and is a leading innovator in utilizing SaaS technology to automate business processes.

Supported Commission Plans

Nirvaha’s solutions are the only web-based services that can be configured to meet your specific business needs and without requiring expensive professional services. Nirvaha handles plans from the most basic to the most complex, including plans with:

  • Commission rates as a percentage of revenue or gross margin
  • Commission rates as a price-per-unit sold or specific bonus amounts
  • Different commission rates, quota calculations, and accelerators based on the type of deal or date of booking
  • Recurring or subscription-based commission payments with weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annual commission payments
  • Splits or pro-rated commissions
  • Draws and claw-backs
  • Quotas per individual or group of individuals
  • Accelerators and quota plans that compensate your sales rep for revenue targets, gross margin targets or number of unit targets
  • Accelerators that compensate your sales reps as a percentage of revenue or gross margin or as a rate per unit beyond a target or simple bonus payments for exceeding targets
  • Different commission rates, quota calculations and accelerators on the same item for different commission payees
  • Different commission rates, quota calculations and accelerators for different items
  • Residuals (or trails) that allow you to configure different commission rates for different weeks, months, quarters, or years

Variable commission payments each period depending on the actual transacted sales in each period