The QuickBooks Solution for Government Contractors

eFAACT is a leader in the arena of government compliance, particularly as it pertains to government contractors using QuickBooks.

The eFAACT system offers cost tracking, cost allocation, billing mechanisms and internal controls to provide the level of confidence required by a government auditor.

Become DCAA Audit Ready

  • eFAACT Web – Time & Expense, including online signature and approval
  • Modifications to QuickBooks lists immediately reflected in eFAACT
  • Unlimited G&A, Overhead and Fringe cost pools, with multiple Handling rates
  • Government contract invoices and management reports
  • Contract funding controls, including email notification for cost limitations
  • Contract cumulative tracking for the life of a contract
  • Contract and employee profitability reporting
  • Project budgets and variance reporting
  • DCAA indirect rate calculations, including fiscal year projections and adjusting invoices
  • DCAA incurred cost schedules available at any time, and for all fiscal years

Three Versions of eFAACT for your Business

eFAACT delivers a total solution, seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks and generating reports according to government and contract specific rules. The eFAACT System may be implemented using any one of the three delivery options; each includes unlimited eFAACT Web logins and delivers the full set of eFAACT system features.

eFAACT Hosted

eFAACT is technically managed for you with the eFAACT Navigator installed locally for administrator access.

eFAACT In-House

The eFAACT web/server installation utilizes your technical resources and is managed in its entirety by your IT support team.

eFAACTGovCon Cloud

Both eFAACT and QuickBooks are hosted for secure, reliable anytime, anywhere access. eFAACTGovCon Cloud is a premier solution for government contractors. Pairing QuickBooks with eFAACT in a customized eFAACTGovCon Cloud gives you the best possible solution – all the features and integrations of the full Windows versions of QuickBooks, integrated with eFAACT for government rules and reporting, and easily accessible.