Stable and efficient EDI conversion engine with automation and security.

B2BGateway.Net works with all major retailers, manufacturers and suppliers on a worldwide basis.

Since 1999, B2BGateway.Net has managed thousands upon thousands of EDI relationships worldwide. The B2BGateway.Net EDI solution was designed from scratch to be the most stable and efficient EDI conversion engine on the planet. B2BGateway.Net is designed with focus on automation and security. Over the years, we have seen almost every variation and deviation to EDI standards. As dedicated professionals, B2BGateway.Net’s EDI solutions simply meet the needs of the end user, at no additional cost or fuss.

B2BGateway.Net customer service is unsurpassed. At B2BGateway.Net, each client is assigned a dedicated Support Engineer. This support Engineer is available to assist in all your EDI needs. No, there is no “anonymous help desk” or “knowledge base” type help system, if you have an issue, you actually speak to someone who knows you and understands your business. Our Support Engineers work in the time zones of their clients around the world. There is always backup support for when things happen in the middle of the night. A kind word and a solution to the issue is available 24/7.

Key Features

B2BGateway.Net supports all inbound and outbound documents from your Accounting/ERP software package to the Trading Partner. Many additional features above and beyond strict EDI are supported by B2BGateway.Net, including:

  • B2BGateway.Net is compatible with all Accounts/ERP packages.
  • Automatic Item Fulfillment included in the standard EDI price, (for some ERP systems).
  • 24/7 US based direct support included at no extra fee.
  • Full “auto-magic” integration with our EDI Thru software for both importing and exporting of all document types.
  • Fully Integrated ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notice) support.
  • Full Warehouse and 3PL support.
  • Packing Slips and UCC-128 Label creation and support.

Full EDI Testing and Validation Services available on request.