QuickBooks Invoice Solutions

Create invoices, estimates and sales order forms that look professional and fit the needs of your business.
CCRQInvoice is a QuickBooks® Compatible application that will work closely with your QuickBooks data files to provide features that your business needs. CCRQInvoice provides an alternative approach, with a report-oriented form editor that allows you to define a different format for the first and last pages of an invoice.

CCRQ Invoice Features

  • Extended Weight and Total Weight: QuickBooks® will not calculate the extended weight of an inventory item that you include as a detail item on an order, nor will it provide you with a total weight for all items in the order. CCRQInvoice will calculate the extended and total weight for your orders.
  • Total Quantity: With this option CCRQInvoice will calculate the total quantity of all items in the order and let you place that on your order.
  • Sort Order Details: This option allows you to rearrange the order of the details of an order. You can sort by Item Code, Description, Service Date, Quantity or any custom field, in ascending or descending order.
  • Calculated Columns: You can calculate the quantity based on values in custom columns, such as a volume calculation (length X width X height) or difference (gross-tare). The rate can be modified by another column as well.
  • Greater Control over Print Templates: QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to print forms where you can have different formats for pages in multi-page orders. For example, you can have the invoice total block show only on the last page, or add a long disclaimer that shows only on one page.