A comprehensive solution for the private duty and Medicaid sectors of the homecare industry.

More than just a scheduling system, Generations streamlines all operational aspects of your business. You reduce administrative costs and have more time to spend working on your business instead of in your business.
We consider our relationships with our clients a partnership, and strive to help your agency be successful. Generations Homecare System is currently being used by over 700 agencies just like yours who have found that Generations can dramatically improve how their business is run.

Generations Homecare System Features

Web Access
You and your staff will have access to the entire system from anywhere with a standard web browser. You also have the ability to provide your clients and caregivers a login so they can view their schedule read-only. On-call staff, business owners, and managers working from home or travelling will find this indispensible.

A scheduling system must be easy to use and produce reports that are easily understandable. One of the greatest strengths of Generations is the scheduling component, which allows you to:

  • Provide clients, their family members, and caregivers access to their specific schedules on-line.
  • Prevent overbooking, double-booking, scheduling a caregiver when they are unavailable or do not have the skills required for the client.
  • Quickly find qualified and available caregivers to fill no-shows, and last minute cancellations using search tools and text messaging.

QuickBooks Interface
Are you spending too much time on invoicing and payroll? Streamlining your invoicing and payroll is the most effective way to free up hours of your time every week. Generations interfaces seamlessly with QuickBooks Pro, enabling you to share customer and employee data and to automatically create invoices, payroll, or bills in minutes! You’ll be able to concentrate on important areas of your business, spending less time re-keying data. New customers can import all of their existing data into QuickBooks saving hours of data entry.