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With nearly 25 years of business expertise we welcome you to experience Office Tools Professional.

We provide information through written media, podcasts and internet web sites. We provide community through conferences, Blogs and chat rooms. We provide training resources through multimedia, web sites and conferences and we provide software tools equipping users and helping them improve performance and efficiencies.

Office Tools Pro Features

Find what many other small business owners have found: A deep reservoir of information, tips and tools that have transformed their offices. With many resources Office Tools Professional is building more dynamic and effective businesses.

Retire your rolodex
Tracking projects, assignments and deadlines wonʼt keep you up at night anymore. Increased awareness through detailed summaries makes managing your business effortless. With Practice Management 2011 thereʼs no need to re-enter all your contact info to get started. Syncing with Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks is simple allowing you track multiple contacts for any client, everyone is at your fingertips.

Micro-management is a thing of the past
Delegation doesnʼt have to be stacks of sticky notes, lists and daily meetings. With Practice Management 2011 everyone will be on the same page with instant access to vital information. Now you can ensure your staff is effective by real time assignment review. Your calendar, their calendar, the firms’ calendar, all together or separate. See as much detail as you want, when you want, with a click of your mouse.

Recapture billing opportunities
With Practice Management 2011 built-in features it ensures all time is recorded, so you won’t waste time. Record time worked for payroll, billing or both. Track mileage and expenses too. Say goodbye to expense spreadsheets and cumbersome invoicing. No needs to spend countless time compiling and changing invoices, just send it.

Keep track of everything
Make your business more secure and more transparent with Practice Management 2011. Going paperless is easier now than ever before. Don’t worry about having your documents locked away in a format you can’t access. We use your existing document structure and are proud to be non-proprietary. You can import any document you have or simply create a new document from Word template. Once you have all your documents in the system, you can send documents for review to staff members via the activity list. Forget the dozen emails with twelve different attachments and mix ups, one document and no wasted emails.

Never miss a deadline
The activity list functions like an inbox for all open items to be completed. Be it a phone call that needs to be made, a project that needs to be worked on, or an approaching scheduled appointment. As you click on an item in your activity list, Practice Management 2011 will take you to the relevant section and contact.