qqube_1Easy Reporting and Analysis for QuickBooks

QQube™ from CLEARIFY® allows you to quickly and easily build custom reports and analytics from your QuickBooks data in any reporting tool.

You can use out of the box examples, with drag and drop capability, in Microsoft Excel, Excel PowerPivot, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Dashboards, Microsoft Access, SAP Lumira, or Tableau.

QQube™ Analytics
With QQube™, you can create just about any type of analytics.

  • Financial
  • Job cost
  • Inventory and forecasting
  • Sales
  • Opportunity and acquisition costs
  • Customer buying patterns
  • Data mining
  • What if scenarios

QQube™ Features
QQube™ comes in Single and Multi-User Editions, with an optional add-on to aggregate multiple companies. A Plug-In for SQL Server is also available.

  • Live data outside of QuickBooks in Excel or any reporting/analytic tool of choice
  • Over 4,750 fields and special calculations – the most complete QuickBooks data set found anywhere on the planet
  • Drag and drop field names using familiar QuickBooks terminology – no data mapping needed
  • Cutting-edge implementation of sales, job-costing, inventory, and payroll for reporting and analytics
  • Linked Transactions eg. Sales Orders and Invoices, PO and Bills, etc.
  • Enhanced General Ledger Details not found in QuickBooks
  • Advanced CPA tools for Audit Trail, Sales Tax, Trial Balance Activity and Statement of Cash Flows
  • Multi-Currency for USA, CA, and UK versions
  • Dozens of out of the box report capabilities not possible in QuickBooks