alo cloud

Aló Cloud

An entrepreneur phone system for mobile professionals, without the expensive hardware.


Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling

While every other IP phone company in the market is trying to make an extra dollar of your talk minutes, we would rather you worry about growing your business and taking care of us later, through our loyalty program. We offer flexibility and empowerment. Pick a local or toll-free number or keep your existing business number and avoid the cost of new business cards and missing calls from your existing clients. We will guide you through the simple porting process of transferring your existing business number to Digisoft Cloud.


24/7 Mobility

Our Aló Cloud was designed with 2 goals and objectives in mind…mobility and NO additional hardware needed. Thanks to the 24/7 auto attendant feature, you can take your business calls comfortably on the go or while at home. Your callers will admire that you’re still at the office; well, sort of. Our VoIP platform will route your callers to your cell phone or computer device of choice (internet required) when you install one of our soft phones.


Auto Attendant Receptionist

Aló Cloud provides you with a 24/7, anytime, anywhere virtual receptionist, with no additional hardware or cost. Just like having a real in-house receptionist that greets your clients, forwards and manages your incoming calls through our routing system. You can add multiple users and extensions at any time; so you never miss a call and help manage your callers effective and efficiently during and after business hours.

Our Plans

Aló Cloud Business Start-Up Essentials

(No Hardware Required, Business Calls are routed to Cellular Phones)
Unlimited Local and Long Distance Minutes
Included: Up to 3 users
$49.99 Monthly

Aló Cloud Business Premium

(No Hardware Required, Business Calls are routed to Software Phones at no additional cost)
Unlimited Local and Long Distance Minutes
Included: Up to 5 users
$99.99 Monthly

What can Aló Cloud do?

Managing your inbound and outbound callers can evolve into a challenging task when you are growing your business. When managed poorly, it can immediately impact your business revenue negatively and even worse; with today’s social media outlets, it can ruin your business reputation. When we developed Digisoft Cloud’s VoIP infrastructure we had you (our clients) in mind. To develop a full-service cloud-based business phone system that can answer calls professionally, through an auto attendant receptionist, route callers to any extension/user, create a stable/security environment, and project a reliable business image. Our features will not only create stability and efficiencies; it will allow you to grow your business like a true entrepreneur.


Number Porting

When we integrate our Àlo Cloud system into your business you don’t ever have to worry about losing your advertised business phone number. Our cloud specialists will manage the porting of our number and adding all our rich features per plan of choice. (Note: Porting might take up to a full existing billing cycle with your existing carrier to port. Depending on your carrier. Please make sure you are not under contract with existing carrier before you submit a port request to avoid any breach of contract, penalty fees).


Voicemail to Email

Our Voicemail to Email feature will systematically send all your voicemails to email instantly. We can program your settings to always answer your calls during regular business hours and set the after-hours setting to Voicemail to Email, allowing you to always know who is calling and what your callers are needing in real-time.


Call Routing

Add call routing rules that will allow you to take control on how your inbound calls should be routed and to what specific user; based on availability or responsibility.


Call Queuing

You don’t always have to force customers to go to voicemail if you are busy on another call. Allow them to wait in queue until you or another user is available and ready to take a call.


Call Logs

You can request a report to see the date and time of all your callers, what type of call, caller ID (if listed), number dialed, where the call was routed to, and call details. This feature will help you understand the effectiveness of social media campaigns, responsiveness and effectiveness of your team, and gain an insight of what markets your callers are calling from.


After Hours Greeting

Your clients will feel acknowledged when they accidentally call your business after-hours. You can set proper expectations with your clients and callers with this unique greeting, when you are closed for the day to avoid any confusion or complaints.


E-Fax (Online Faxing)

Send and receive faxes via online without a fax machine. Gone are the days of paper and ink cartridges; what an EXPENSE! Not to mention, machine maintenance. Your virtual phone account also includes a fax forwarding feature that allows you to receive faxes via email or online through your client fax portal. You will no longer be tied to a fax machine.


Call Forwarding

In the event of an event of an emergency or you are able to finally go on that vacation you’ve been planning for years, now that your business is stable you can change call routing instructions anywhere at any time, in seconds.


Toll-Free Number

Having a toll-free number can be rewarding for your clients. It makes it easier for them to call you from anywhere in the country. It also works wonders through proper marketing tools for your prospects.


Local Phone Number

With a local phone number you can appear as a business that’s supporting and servicing locals and have true local knowledge to help understand your local client needs.


Call Scheduling

Dictate your hours of operation, emergency, and holiday hours through our virtual phone system; based on the week, day, or hour. You can also schedule calls to a specific user or someone on-call to help avoid missing important calls.


Hold Music & Ad Plug-in’s

Whether you choose to play music while callers are on hold or advertise other services, products, or special promotions through an Ad Plug-in (infomercial), you can rest assure you will leave a professional caller impression while on hold.


Inbound Calling

Receive inbound calls directly from your business number through your cell phone device. Callers will be routed to your cellular phone without them identifying your personal number. No hardware needed and you can answer any calls away from your office as you’re heading towards your next appointment meeting, stuck in traffic, or on your way to see your loved ones. Never miss a call again on the go.


Inbound and Outbound Calling

With a quick install and reliable soft phone through any smart phone or device, you can now enjoy the ability to receive inbound calls and make outbound calls with your business number from anywhere at any time. Oh and yes, it still includes unlimited minutes. Dial and smile as long as you need.


Proud US Platform & Support

Our VoIP Platform was developed and designed in the United States. We are proud Americans servicing proud American Entrepreneurs and business owners. Our engineers built an IP system that can deliver secure communications with carrier-grade quality, no matter how fast your business grows. The true American way.


Quick and Easy-Set Up

The hardest part will be entering all your account information and deciding on a plan that best fits your business needs. We will handle your configuration and “phone” cloud deployment. Easy, breezy just the way you like it.


A phone cloud system that keeps your business communication connected 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.