Most powerful file share and collaboration platform.
Access, communicate and collaborate with your team across multiple devices


Guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements to keep your data protected at all times. You have control of your data, you assign who can and cannot have access to your company files and documents.


Increase productivity across your organization, whether in the office or working from home. You can share, collaborate and communicate with your team and not worry about any leaks.


Take full of advantage of being able to access your documents, files, calendar, contacts and communicate with your team from any mobile device.

Our Plans

Nextcloud Business

Unlimited Users
500 GB Storage
$49.99 per month

Nextcloud Premium

Unlimited Users
1 TB Storage
$99.99 per month

Nextcloud Business Plus

Unlimited Users
2 TB Storage
$159.99 per month

What can Nextcloud do?

With Nextcloud Hub not only can you share and collaborate files and documents, but you can also send and receive emails, manage your calendar and host video conference calls or chat with your team from any mobile device. Take advantage of this optimized cloud solution at the office or comfort of your home.

Nextcloud Files

Universal file access on desktop, mobile and web. Find files with powerful search, or lock files until you are done with them. Employees have a centralized and easy access to their files or shared files, photos and documents. You can easily share with clients, team members and business partners.

Nextcloud Talk

Calls, chat and web meetings all in one with Nextcloud Talk. Delivers audio/video conferencing and text chat through browser and mobile interfaces.

Nextcloud Calendars, Email and Contacts

Nextcloud can integrate your calendar, contacts, email and other neat features to help your team get work done effectively to meet those demanding deadlines.

Nextcloud Files

Universal file access on desktop, mobile and web. You can lock your personal files, grant access to other files to your team and clients. The most important value proposition; centralized and easy access all your important documents, files, and photo images. You can also do real-time edits and synchronize your data files across multiple devices. So easy to use, your team will love Nextcloud.


Sync across multiple devices and have access to all your contacts, calendar, photo galleries, and files from any device